Dr Edward de Bono | Failure

Dr. Edward de Bono talks about FAILURE and how we don't quite have a word to describe a venture which was fully justified, but for various reasons, didn't succeed...
Creating Vlaue

Dr Edward de Bono | Creating Value

We analyse things to understand them better, by breaking them up into simple elements. But understanding may not be enough. Creating value is a key  part of business...

Dr Edward de Bono | Continuity

Often organisations work from a perspective of "maintenance" and "problem solving". But they miss out on opportunities, because they are not looking for those.
Getting There

Dr Edward de Bono | Getting There

What are the steps of getting to a destination and how can one process a path to get to your objectives. Learn about intermediate steps...

Dr Edward de Bono | Productivity

More output for the same input. Everyone is looking for more productivity in their organisation. Dr Edward de Bono talks about things that reduce output...
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